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Gold Rate

  • 2920INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 12-11-2018
  • 2935INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 12-11-2018


Corporate Social Responsibility

Discipline and enthusiasm is as important as the adroitness that our employees possess. Our goal is therefore not just to stimulate a profitable run but also to encourage the welfare of the society at large by yielding the obligation of Corporate Social Responsibilities among our employees. The founder of our business TM Kunhammed is passionate about integrating socially advantageous programs and practices into the company’s business model and culture.

Our initiatives regarding our concern in Corporate Social Responsibilities are as follows.

Dear Parent Training

We believe in family values and relationships. So we aid the parents of this generation in the society with proper training so as to endow them with good parenting techniques and thereby encourage a better family planning.

Kinder Art

Every year we organize “Kinder Art”, a painting competition exclusively for kids with an aim to nurture the budding talents in the society. This indeed has brought up some fine talents in the go.

Naree Shakthi

Every year on the occasion of women’s day, we honor the women in the society who have made their stand clear and didn't let it go with the flow. We honor the ' sheroes' of our times.

Blood Donor’s Club

Blood donation is the most divine notion you can do to your society as a citizen. We are actively involved in the noble cause of blood donation organizing campaigns and programs by maintaining a good connection with the Red Cross Society.

Hands of Hope

We are privileged to extend our virtuous hands of hope as a relief for the endosulfan victims by arranging rehabilitation facilities, medical aids and other requirements for their wellness.

Scholarship Program

Our future lies in the hands of our children. We are intensely inquisitive in fulfilling the scholarship dreams of economically backward students who have the potential to contribute for the future development of the country by proffering them with immense scholarship opportunities to foster their talents.

we always positively and heartfully respond to crisis such as natural calamities like recent floods in Coorg & kerala. We extend our hands of care in the form of food for victims, contribution to goverment relief prorgrams and above all prayers and immense support.