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Gold Rate

  • 5875INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 04-03-2024
  • 5875INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 04-03-2024

T.M Abdul Rahim (Executive Director)

A vision should necessarily be taken forward to find success in the following years of any institution. That requires the unmatched hardwork of an essentially eminent persona for sure. TM Abdul Rahim plays that pivotal role for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold. His experience of 2 decades in the profession is equated with the quality work he provides for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold. He heads the design and product purchase and his obstinate need for quality has immensely helped us to win the race of customer service and satisfaction in the long run.

His passion for traveling and exploration occupied with latest trends in jewelry has resulted in the exotic and cult collection of jewellery we provide. This business nomad attends major gem and jewellery festivals annually around the globe to ensure that we are occupied with major trends jewellery. This gesture reasons for the world class jewellery we present before our customers. Sulthan Diamonds and Gold stays strong with our executive director,TM Abdul Rahim.