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Gold Rate

  • 6750INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 15-07-2024
  • 6750INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 15-07-2024

Sulthan Diamonds & Gold

India’s affair with gold jewellery dates back to more than a thousand years. A legacy of finery and a heritage of grandeur, gold have always lent its grace to the daily lives of the Indians all through the ages. With its origins at the historic city of Kasaragod in Kerala, Sulthan Diamonds & Gold has spread its wings with branches in Mangalore, Bangalore, Kanhangad, Kasaragod, Davangere and Shivamogga. To showcase the versatility of gold through exquisite designs and unmatched purity there by giving our customers the best has been the inspiration for our efforts.

The sole destination for the prodigious collections of BIS 916 Hallmarked Gold, IGI Certified Uncut Diamonds, PGI Certified Platinum Gem Stones, Branded Watches and BIS Certified Hallmarked Silver. Sulthan Diamonds & Gold proffers perfectly handcrafted Birth Stones without losing its class and virtue. We provide our customers with the assurance of purity for all our products. Each piece of jewellery produced in Sulthan Diamonds and Gold is an artwork of highest quality as promised, that our customers can verify with GOLD PURITY ANALYZER available at all our showrooms.

We offer our valuable customers impeccable after-sales services, delightful trendy designs suiting their budget and taste, free lifetime maintenance and buy back guarantee for an unforgettable shopping experience.

T.M Kunhammed Haji (Founder)

Being the founder of a vision and being an enthusiast towards the same for more than half a century requires a lot of patience and persistence. TM Kunhammed Haji is that visionary who paved the path of success for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold. He started from nothing and made to this benchmark. Being a philanthropist, he is passionate about combining socially beneficial activities with the business.

DR.T.M. Abdul Rahoof (Managing Director)

Our strength - The man who longed for a difference, from day one, he strived to add values, trust and transparency into every deal and topped it all with outstanding service. Sulthan Diamonds & Gold adopted the business policy of straight and transparent deals and commitments right from the inception.

T.M Abdul Rahim (Executive Director)

A vision should necessarily be taken forward to find success in the following years of any institution. That requires the unmatched hardwork of an essentially eminent persona for sure. TM Abdul Rahim plays that pivotal role for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold. His experience of 2 decades in the profession is equated with the quality work he provides for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold.

Our History

Sulthan Diamonds & Gold began a love affair with gold & fine jewellery- making way back in the 80s. Our founder-visionary started the enterprise as jewellery making and retailing unit, but with a difference. From day one, he strived to add values, trust and transparency into every deal and topped it all with outstanding performance.

Those initial steps that he took have come a long way now : Starting with the first showroom at Kasargod, Sulthan Diamonds & Gold has spread to Kanhangad, Mangalore, Bangalore and Shivamogga to meet the requirements of thousands of customers in the region. Today Sulthan Diamonds & Gold offers gold, diamond, platinum, uncut, precious, birthstones & silver jewellery in designs selected from different parts of India and abroad – in addition to its own master-crafted collections.

Logo Story

The logo is the essence of an organization. Logo exudes the attitude of the management in a nutshell. Being a Jewellery Logo, the logo should be unique, simple, fresh and acceptable internationally since the modes of the logo display is extremely varied (both in size and texture) in this case. The logo should be identifiable in its crudest form and smallest size. Also it should be distinguishable amongst a group of competitors and decipherable from the farthest distance. The new logo fits into this slot like a fish put in water. The font chosen should also contain the essence of the jeweler.

Here the font chosen is the edited version of Symbol ITC Bold BT which is authentic and exudes pure class. It is a non complicated font and provides the all important seriousness to the jewellery. The corporate color chosen is Berry Brown which is a rarity in Indian Jewellery industry. It is the German addressal of the Jewel world and we felt by providing such a flavor could add momentum to the Global vision of the management. More so it seems a sharp contrast to the shine of the jewels, especially Diamonds and Gold. The leather texture in brown could add a new dimension to the packagings and stationaries, thus leaving no stones unturned on to the global journey


We Believe in creating happiness for the people we touch, reason for their celebrations and positively impact the world we exist in.


We will do this in a honest & transparent way , expect to keep on the cultural and traditional values and ensure the highest global standards in everything we do.