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Gold Rate

  • 5875INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 04-03-2024
  • 5875INR/GM (22CT)
  • Last Update 04-03-2024

T.M Kunhammed Haji (Founder)

Being the founder of a vision and being an enthusiast towards the same for more than half a century requires a lot of patience and persistence. TM Kunhammed Haji is that visionary who paved the path of success for Sulthan Diamonds and Gold. He started from nothing and made to this benchmark. Being a philanthropist, he is passionate about combining socially beneficial activities with the business. He surely is nothing less than the backbone of the whole venture. He has seen all the springs and storms in his 55 years of fine jewellery.

It is nothing but his unwavering attitude, towards the quality of stuff we provide, made us recognizable through these years. The growth of Sulthan Diamonds and Gold is strictly the fruit of his incomparable faith and work. He made us believe that hardwork and honesty do pay off well. TM Kunhammed Haji is really a believer of transparent and honest business. His ideologies reflect in us. In short, he made us.